Introducing: First Friday Freebies!

There’s nothing like getting something for nothing! Oh, that glorious word – F R E E !

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and so I’m happy to announce (drum roll, please) First Friday Freebies! Each month, on the first Friday – I did that on purpose to make it easy for you to remember and wasn’t that clever of me – I’ll be offering a gift to one of the loyal and loveable fans of Midwest Storyteller. All you have to do is: Don’t dawdle!

First, let’s take a look at our first gift –

In my last post, I gave a “2017 Tour of the Estate” in which I mentioned Sweet Annie and posted a photo. I’m offering a wreath today (hand-made by me) of Sweet Annie. Let’s look a little further into what it is and what I do with it and you can decide if you want to win!

As mentioned in the last post, Sweet Annie is a fragrant herb that grows tall and is happy in a sunny place. It smells “like fall”, so this is the perfect time of the year to decorate with it. I’ve filled my wicker planter with it to give it a fall “weedy” look and make my porch smell nice and I’ve also used it around this little bucket next to Hermie.  I am lagging behind in decorating my side porch, but at least I’ve got my “weeds” as Smuffy likes to call them, in place.  You get the idea.

Weedy Porch

Here’s a photo showing how I make a wreath.

Sweet Annie Tutorial

Let me state this clearly. Sweet Annie, like any other plant, is organic. That means it’s been in the great outdoors. That means that other little “organic things” once strolled through it’s branches saying hello to their little organic friends. This wreath has been drying under my porch for a couple of weeks and should now be free of all the critters that may have liked to munch on it while it was green.  I make no promises.  However, I’ve never had anything on my wreaths once they dried.  (If I’d brought “creepies” into my house, you would have heard my screams.)  

Also, dried plants are exactly that – dried. I use Sweet Annie as a candle ring or a wreath on a wall or mantle-piece, but I don’t place it on a door that we’ll be opening and closing, as that shakes it around and causes it to shed.

Here’s the wreath I’m offering as Today’s Friday Freebie.  You can easily remove the burlap ribbon and replace it with anything you like.

Free Wreath

And now, here are the rules. There are always rules, aren’t there?

  1. First Friday Freebies are available to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. That means if you have come to this post through social media or someone has emailed you a link to it and you haven’t become a subscriber yet, you’ll need to hop on over to the right sidebar and do that really quick. If you are on a phone or tablet, the easiest way is to go to the “About Me” page. As a subscriber,  you’ll receive an email each time Midwest Storyteller has something new, which won’t likely be more than once or twice a week. It keeps you from missing out on all the fun and FREE STUFF!  And, I’m not sharing your emails with anybody.
  2. You’ll need to scroll back up to the top of this post and under the title, “Leave a Comment”. The first subscriber to comment with, “I’ll take the wreath!” will win, provided that you’re already on the subscribers list and that you live within the continental United States.

Two rules. So simple. Have a wonderful and blessed First Friday of the month!  Now, go!  Subscribe!  Comment!  Go!

5 thoughts on “Introducing: First Friday Freebies!

  1. Some lucky winner will have a beautiful wreath to enjoy. I won’t mind not winning the wreath, but I would like to have a few sprigs of Sweet Annie for my kitchen. Is there a chance of that? I usually tie a pretty ribbon around it and hang it where it won’t get bumped.

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