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Welcome to my blog!  I’m at home in the Midwest, a hop, skip and a jump from where I was born and raised.  I live with “Smuffy”. No, that’s not my dog – he’s my husband – has been for decades now.  His mother didn’t name him Smuffy. That would be downright silly.  But because I love him like I do, and because he has to hold his head up around town, and because my posts may tell tales he’d prefer to distance himself from, let’s go with “Smuffy”.

This blog’s debut in early 2017 came after a year or so of resistance on my part to the idea.  I have enough to do already, ‘ya know. However, my passion for learning, writing, teaching and creating led me right up to the edge of the cyber cliff and I jumped off. What better way to do the things I love while encouraging you to enjoy being the best you can be?

The flavor of this blog? Whatever the topic, we’re gonna have fun with it!  I’m often told that my sense of humor is unique, so whether we whip up a healthy recipe (or maybe a not-so-healthy one once in a while), share family life, review products, create something fabulous or improve our health and lifestyle – let’s LAUGH!  It’s good medicine, after all, for our souls.

My background?  Moving along from office work (my least favorite) to mommy-hood and homemaker (my very favorite), I then enlisted and became one of the few, the proud . No, not a marine, folks – a homeschooler!  A challenge and a joy, it blessed our lives.  In the middle of it all, my daughter and I started an area-wide youth theatre!  That’s just about the most exhausting amount of fun a person can hope to have.

Since 2007, I’ve been blessed to be able to mentor people in their pursuit of better health with balanced nutritional supplements.  Having dealt with a cancer diagnoses years ago, taking care of myself is important.  It’s important for you, too – even if you don’t know it yet.  Stick around!  We’ll grow better together.

Some would say that my accumulative experiences have made me fearless. Others may have a different name for it.  They have, if nothing else, served to give me a great deal of experience in perseverance, stepping into unknown territory and finding joy in creative and ordinary days.  Planning events, or as my mother would say, “puttin’ on a shindig”, seemed to become almost commonplace.  Her ability to make “something out of nothing” (a quality she possessed in super-abundance) has not only become engrained in me, but has come to my rescue more times than I can count.

Over the years, I’ve written stories, articles, plays, children’s books, novels and now this blog.  Sometimes I’ve written out of necessity, sometimes to educate.  At other times, I’ve written just to make people smile or because I had a dream.

As Christians, my husband and I believe that our main calling is to love others as Christ loves us.  While I’ll write about many of our interests on this blog, those things don’t define us.  He does.

When I’m not writing about them, I’m enjoying books, classic movies, history, travel, sewing, scrapbooking, genealogy, rescuing treasures from the past, cooking, growing flowers and chocolate.  I’m a cat person, but we’re currently maintaining a fur-free zone – a strange situation that every so often lands me in an official pout.

What one thing do I want to do most often in life?  LAUGH!  I hope you’ll join me here for that.



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